Sustaining Teachers and Learners with the Arts


“The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching”



The STALWARTS project – Sustaining Teachers and Learners with the Arts:


Relational Health in European Schools[1] – aims to promote relational health in schools through engagement with arts.


The project has been developed in five European countries:

Estonia, Italy, Norway, Portugal, and the UK.

Five universities and five partner community-based schools in the project are diverse in terms of their locations in the European region.

This allows for promoting further inclusion of the creative arts as an educational strategy to contribute to combating ELET.


The teams within each of the five partnerships have experience in European-wide theoretical and methodological advances in ELET and therapeutic educational practices.


STALWARTS complement and builds upon the achievements of the earlier LINK project (Learning in a New Key)[2] through facilitating collaboration and learning between teachers, educators, researchers and music and other creative arts therapists.


The focus is directed towards all the creative arts, but with a special attention on music. The ultimate aim is to support vulnerable young people in their transitions into learning by means of cross pollination of knowledge and experience between teachers, social educators, and therapists within diverse educational settings and challenges.


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